Wingdings Font

Wingdings Font is a sequence of dingbat fonts that render letters as a kind of symbols. They have been at the beginning developed in 1990 via Microsoft through combining glyphs from Lucida icons, arrows, and stars licensed from Charles Bigelow and kris holmes.

Distinctive types of the font’s that looks like constantia font copyright string include attribution to style options, inc., the maker of an instrument used to hint the font.

Wingdings Font Features

None of the characters were mapped to Unicode on the time; nonetheless, Unicode authorized the addition of many symbols within the Wingdings and webdings fonts in Unicode 7 zero. It looks similar to windings 1,2,3 and undertale fonts.

Wingdings is a TrueType dingbat font is similar to american typewriter integrated into all models of Microsoft windows from variant three. Except windows vista/server 2008, and in addition in a number of software applications of that technology.

You can download this font just by clicking on the button which is given below and use it anywhere you want.

The wingdings trademark is owned by Microsoft, and the design and glyph order was awarded u.s. Design patent d341848 in 1993. The patent expired in 2005. In lots of different nations, a design patent could be called a registered design. It’s the registration of a design to discourage imitation, as an alternative to a claim of a novel invention.

This font involves many generally well-known shapes and gestures as well as some well-known world symbols, such as the superstar of David, the symbols of the zodiac, index or manicule signs, hand gestures, and vague ampersands.

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