Tefang Island Font

The Tefang Island Font is a unique and astonishing font family in the modern age. The whole font family looks likeĀ burgues script has designed with a cube shape dot as you can see in letter map images.

Furthermore, the designer has also taken his name as Tefang Island because the whole family featuring the dot point.

There are very few font families are available in markets featuring the uniqueness. And this amazing font is also one of them because its appearance is unique.

Tefang Island Font Feature

I assure you, you will definitely see it before at any place or underutilizing by any designer. It has a great attraction that anyone can want to work with that.

Tefang Island Font has come with two elegant styles including Tefang Island R and Tefang Island S. Both of these styles have 105 glyphs and 1000 units per em.

Letters including the Bitmap typeface that is similar to the conquer carry supreme textual arrangements. Another suspicious thing is that its uppercase and lowercases seem as same to each other mostly.

Here, we are giving this unique font for free in a zip download TTF file. For having it after clicking over the link below and use it where ever you want.

For example, in making a logo, special brochures, game titling, game developing, printing fabrics, kids bags, geometry boxes, and many other similar things.

Hope so, it will never disappoint you and create an astonishing designer that amaze your customers and competitors. Still, if you face an issue about that typeface then feel free to contact us. Good Luck!

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