Serpentine Font Family

Introducing Serpentine Font Family, Designed by using Dick Jensen for the Visual Graphics Corporation, Serpentine is a modern-day sans serif show typeface. The lightweight has a number of the feel of a computer display, whilst the medium and formidable weights can be greater flexibility. This typeface has an uncommon capability to tackle distinct personalities in its exceptional weights, despite the fact that all 3 weights showcase the identical primary architecture.

Bold and uncompromising, the Serpentine typeface circle of relatives is a modern-day sans serif show face. The distinct layout features heavy strokes and squared bowls with rounded corners. Serpentine is a herbal for display settings; in particular, while a sense of impact is referred to as for.

Serpentine Font Family

The own family becomes at the start released in only three weights – mild, medium and ambitious – with corresponding italics. Additional Serpentine designs have been released nearly right now after the preliminary release. Serpentine Sans, for instance, turned into launched in 1972 without any trace of the semi-serif that characterized the unique release.

While today the Serpentine own family brings a retro feel, the typeface remains a popular choice for a variety of show applications. Grab and enjoy! Do not forget to share your views with us in comments. If you like the font then share it with others on social media. Bookmark our website for more updates.

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