Phonk Regular Font

Phon Regular Font is a humanist sans serif typeface designed by using Steve Matteson, type director of ascender corp. Regular became designed with an upright pressure, open bureaucracy and an impartial, yet pleasant look.

Phon Regular turned into optimized for user interfaces and to be relaxed for studying on a cellular handset in menus, internet browser, and different display screen text.

Initially designed by using matt McInerney as an unmarried thin weight. It turned into multiplied right into a nine weight own family with the aid of Pablo impeller and Rodrigo. Over the last few days we’ve browsed thru dozens of type foundries, study dozens of designers’ articles approximately typography, analyzed font scores and visited bookmarked font-associated guidelines.


Spotify rebranded in 2015 and started out using lineto’s round at some point on their website. Even though their new shade of inexperienced garnered pretty a piece more attention than their new typeface.

I sense like this become a large moment for the round, in which it subsequently went from being an underground favorite to a mainstream hit. Mint and Airbnb had formerly rebranded with round however the use on Spotify felt like the tipping point. So this post has ‘em all. Properly, ok, as a minimum lot of them.

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