Murray Hill Font

Hey, everyone! We have brought a new script font for you. An original informal script designed for ATF by way of Emil Klump. Emil J. Klumpp designed Murray Hill for the American Type Founders (ATF) in 1956. For a long time, Murray Hill has proved itself as a flexible script typeface. Its layout represents an unusually successful conversion of a casual calligraphic hand into a usable typographic device.

The style of the letters within the design is representative of mid-twentieth Century Americana. The letterforms’ delicate curves deliver the typeface a notably feminine feeling as nicely. This makes the typeface a super desire for use in marketing anything that could have a match in a Nineteen Fifties domestic, or involved a Nineteen Fifties housewife.

Murray Hill Font

The call of the typeface itself stems from the idea of Nineteen Fifties suburban happiness: Murray Hill is the name of a small city in New Jersey. Good placements for this typeface would possibly consist of on the packaging of kitchen merchandise, baking items, or house cleaning supplies.

Murray Hill is likewise a good desire for fridge and toaster emblems; in fact, the best script has to appear accurate on something bright and metal. Its secure, “at-domestic” feeling is well suited for smaller use on invites, engagement announcements, and different greeting cards.

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