Ming Font

Hello Designer! Introducing an elegant typeface that is been using by many designers for their different projects. Its name is the Ming Font. You can use it in your ongoing projects.

A trendy sans serif with the futuristic art deco feels of mid-twentieth-century science fiction, chiefly the early flash Gordon serials.

Ming is a category of typefaces like slayer used to show Chinese language characters, which might be used within the Chinese language, Japanese, and Korean languages.

They’re presently essentially the most usual variety of types in print for Chinese and Japanese.

Ming is universal. In hong kong and Taiwan, “song typeface” has been used, however “ming typeface” has increased foreign money due to the fact the appearance of computer publishing.

Ming Font Features

Traits of ming typefaces incorporate the next:

  • The basic structure of the typical script like dope script.
  • Thick vertical strokes contrasted with skinny horizontal strokes
  • Triangles on the finish of single horizontal strokes, referred to as uroko in Japanese, related to serifs.
  • Total geometrical regularity


Possessing variable line weight and attribute decorations similar to carnival font at the finish of traces much like serifs, this style variety is related to western serif typefaces, versus east Asian gothic typefaces that are related to western sans-serif.

Download this font for free by clicking on the button above and use it in your designs.

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