Milkshake Font

Introducing you to the absolutely beautiful free font Milkshake. Showcase your designs like a photo layout pro by means of including a new touch with this lovely font. We brought an extremely good freebie from Laura Worthington that you may virtually love! We’re talking about the Milkshake font that incorporates lots of extras.

Milkshake Font is a script display typeface with an appealing brush and hand-drawn texture. The Hungry JPEG took the price for designing and releasing it for the primary time. This fashionable font own family receives an excessive amount of recognition right away due to its exceptional appealing glimpses.

Milkshake Font

Each individual comes with up to eight alternates, allowing you to choose the precise glyphs on your tasks! As standard, this font comes with a commercial license! Milkshake is a thick, good sized script designed to end up a favorite deal with.

Milkshake turned into sketched in preference to rendered with a brush or fountain pen, even though Laura used pointed-brush experiments to ensure certain letterforms appeared the manner they need to. The result is an amusing typeface that also manages to be readable, flexible. Grab and enjoy!

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