Liquid Font Family

The liquid font family is a set of small bitmap fonts for use on small displays, e.g. Lcd shows on hd pcs, mp3-gamers, fame presentations on telephones, printers, far off controls, etc. and many others.

The overall purpose is to provide high-quality-looking, very readable fonts that allow showing a lot of information. So in assessment to maximum different bitmap font tasks for tiny fonts, liquid fonts are proportional, now not mono-spaced, because more characters may be displayed horizontally this way, and it also appears nicer. This indicates they require graphics successful shows. Especially, they are not by and large for 5×7 pixel LCDs, that have hardwired horizontal and vertical empty pixel rows and columns to separate characters and contours.

Liquid Font Family

The main work of the liquid circle of relatives is ‘liquid imply’. This is a font with a height of eight pixel which additionally focusses on exact Unicode support. Presently, it already supports Latin, Greek and Cyrillic for some hundred languages. It implements a superset of the European mes-2 widespread, a recommendation for EU latin/greek/Cyrillic fonts to aid the significant majority of ecu languages, along with most minor languages.

Liquid mean goes beyond that. The help includes many extra languages, even the ones which require a tremendous quantity of accents and diacritic marks, like historic greek, Vietnamese, and Mandarin Chinese romanization. Liquid imply explores what remarkable things may be accomplished on a very confined display with max. 8 pixels vertically in keeping with man or woman.

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