Lipstick Font

Hello Designer! We have a new free font for you. Meet Lipstick Font, designed by Patrick Griffin. The inspiration for this font came from a short and sweet note Patrick Griffin’s wife left for him one evening.

It’s higher and all caps typeface has a soft appearance like franchise font with the aid of sans serif fonts. That makes it extra attractive and certainly one of a kind from every other typeface obtainable. Have a appear at the font texture pictures we attach in right here to get a summary of this elegant font.

Lipstick Font Features

Almost right away upon studying the concept, it became quite evident that the feel of lipstick writing has lots in original with chalk writing. Lipstick is fairly smudgier, however, chalk and lipstick produce virtually the identical influence when used as a writing tool.

This handwriting font has been created within the form of lipstick writing on a glass floor, excellent for love notes and private messages. The letterforms are condensed sans-serif looks like the kinki and it aspects a hand-drawn aesthetic with bold, stable strokes.

Lipstick includes all uppercase letters, numbers like doom font a choice of accented European letters, usual symbols and punctuation. It is well kerned and as a bonus, also elements a hand-drawn heart form in place of the asterisk image.

You can use this font in projects and for your personal use. If you facing any issues about this font, comment below in the comment section we will surely solve your problems. Thanks for choosing us!

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