Levi Brush Font

Levi brush font is a script, brush font designed by Levi szekeres. Each designer has a unique approach in a way they like to design and cross approximately their craft. For Levi szekeres, tasks need to be properly-deliberate. Detail can never cross unaccounted for, and each step of his method is attempted and real.

Szekeres’ method is to execute design paintings as meticulously as you’ll by way of using the scientific approach. And like any guy of science, he additionally bears the discipline with wonderful pride and admires. And whether or not it’s designing, illustrating or portray, he isn’t afraid to be at the brink of the innovative frontier.

Levi Brush Font

This incorporates 100 defined characters and a hundred specific glyphs. This brush font consists of characters from the following Unicode character degrees: simple latin (ninety-three), Latin-1 complement (five), preferred punctuation (One). This consists of a hundred and one glyphs with 1000 gadgets according to em.

This is best for graphic designers to give a unique style to projects which can add a humanistic and playful approach for your designs and appearance exceptional revealed.

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