IBM Plex Corporate Typeface Font

Hey Guys, Hope you are doing good. We have got an incredible free Typeface font for you. Introducing IBM Plex Corporate Typeface Font. This amazing free font is perfect for displays, headers, invitations purposes.

Meet IBM plex, our new corporate Script. It’s international, it’s versatile and it’s exceedingly IBM. Because today we have a signature typeface we’re proud and excited to proportion with the arena.

The plex own family comes in a Sans serif, mono and sans condensed, all with roman and true italics. The fonts had been designed to work nicely in person interface (UI) environments in addition to other mediums.

IBM Plex Corporate Typeface Font

This project presents all source files and record formats to support most typographical situations. Ux, internet and interactive designers creating virtual interfaces.

This free font family always come useful to use in these type of projects. Get this font only in one click for free and let us know in the comments about the font.

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