Hylia Serif Font

Introducing Hylia Serif Font. This font is created by one of the famous authors in the font market Jack Sullivan. He did an amazing job creating this spectacular font.

Due to its big x-top and plain layout, the family is ideally fitted for all varieties of text. Its mid-weights are optimized for utilization in long paragraphs, whilst the bolder weights.

Because of a brief Display and ascender, create a compact and assured appearance in headlines or short reproduction. So that you can create robust and dynamic italics.

Hylia Serif Font

The typeface glyph shapes come with a faint calligraphic hint, described by a higher stroke assessment and a steeper connection between stems and arcs.

Hylia Serif family always come useful to use in a Fancy type of projects. So what you are waiting for download now and use it now.

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