Hoefler Text Font Family

Hoefler Text Font Family is a historical-type serif font with the aid of Jonathan Hoefler and released by means of apple inc. In 1991 to showcase advanced form technologies. Meant as a versatile font that is compatible with physique text, it takes cues from a variety of classic fonts, corresponding to Garamond and Janson.

A variation of the Hoefler text typeface is united sans has been integrated with each variant of the classic mac os for the reason that method 7.5 and in each variant of macOS.

Hoefler’s textual content used to be used in the Wikipedia logo until the 2010 redesign when it was replaced with a Linux libertine.

Hoefler Text Font Family Features

Hoefler textual content incorporates then-advanced facets which have in view that end up normal observes for font designers, reminiscent of computerized ligature insertion, real small capitals, optional historical-type figures and not the obligatory insertion of characters similar to genuine superscript and subscript characters, the historic round and longs, engraved capitals, and swashes.

This font contains many beautiful styles like graduate font, available in the black, italic and regular style. Possess OTF and TTF formats. And also support many languages especially the Roman language.

Hoefler textual content also has a matching ornament font containing arabesque motifs. It was unless OpenType made alternate characters extra fashioned, one among just a few process fonts that contained ancient style, or ranging, figures, which might be designed to harmonize with the body text.

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