Highway (Intocable) Font Family

Highway (intocable) font family is a set of sans-serif typefaces evolved through the united states federal dual carriageway administration and used for avenue signage inside the Americas, together with the u.S., Canada, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Chile, with Asian international locations prompted through American signage practices consisting of the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

The highway fonts are designed mainly for use by barrier corporations and country, county and city departments of transportation sign production stores to manufacture signs and symptoms to meet the specs of the u.S. Branch of transportation’s widespread alphabets for dual carriageway signs and symptoms.

The highway alphabets are available in collection b, collection c, series d, collection e and collection e(changed), all with kerned letterspacing to meet D.O.T. Specifications. All applications encompass capitals, lower case letters, and arrows, plus a border-producing font.

Highway (Intocable) Font Family

Highway intocable font is an awesome font. This unfastened font may be used anywhere in which any man or woman wants to use this super font. In addition, the font has been followed for runway and taxiway signs and symptoms at a maximum of the world’s airports.

The set includes six fonts: “a” (the narrowest), “b”, “c”, “d”, “e”, “e(m)” (a changed model of “e” with wider strokes), and “f” (the widest). The typefaces at the beginning covered only uppercase letters, except “e(m)”, which changed into used on massive limited-access highway and parkway guide signs.

We all come across this font in our daily lives in form of posters, signboards, and logos. You can download this font from here to make your own posters and do share your valuable perspectives with us about this font.

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