Georgia Font

Georgia font is a serif typeface designed in 1993 by using Matthew Carter and hinted by way of tom Rickner for the Microsoft company. It used to be supposed as a serif font that will appear based but legibly printed small or on low-resolution screens.

The font is prompted via scotch roman designs of the 19th century and was once headquartered on designs for a print typeface in the identical type carter was once engaged on when contacted by way of Microsoft; this would be launched under the title miller the following year. The typeface’s similar to calibri font name spoke of a tabloid headline claiming “alien heads located in Georgia.

Georgia Font Features

Georgia was once designed for clarity on a laptop reveal even at small sizes. It points a tremendous x-height (tall slash-case letters) and its thin strokes are thicker than can be usual on a typeface designed for display use or the better sharpness possible in print.

The Georgia typeface is similar to times new roman, a further re-creativeness of transitional serif designs, however, as a design for screen show, it has a higher x-peak and fewer exceptional details. The new york Times transformed its normal font from occasions times new roman to Georgia in 2007.

This first-rate font has available in sixteen particular patterns and possesses super cool OpenType facets. Each kind involves the font family that has 393 characters and 454 quantity of glyphs. So, among its based glyphs and stylish texture, this extremely good font family is an excessive amount of trendy in brand new occasions.

It contains many styles like italic, bold, regular, semibold and condensed, etc. It also contains many special characters that can make your designs beautiful.

We provide this font for free and available in many formats like OTF, TTF or ZIP, etc. It can be easily downloaded in windows OS or Mac etc. So download and use it in your projects.



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