Formata Font

Introducing Formata Font that belongs to a is serif typeface family. Formata font looks like trattatello font includes three weights, each in roman and italic and 2 widths. This is a kind of classic font with legit and clean glimpses.

The whole Formata Font font family was released by Adobe. Having keen features and vast language support this font is one of the most influential typefaces for any textual designing project.

I believe this elegant font will help you in obtaining your designs look more cool and legible. And to make your client and audience happy and amazed at the same time.

Formata Font Features

Formata is a part of a huge font family, that contains greek, Armenian and Cyrillic letters, optical dimensions, condensed forms and stylistic substitutes such as swash uppercase.

Due to the immense attraction of this font, It draws many designers to consume it for there regular projects. You might be one of them. It looks like Frutiger font. You can easily get it here.

Formata is a famous typeface is similar to javanese text being used in the printing agency for composing books and other printing tasks for decades. It contains condensed, medium, bold and lightweight font.

The font here we are providing is just for your personal use. To use it commercially you have to buy the license from Adobe.

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