FM Abhaya Font

At present FM Abhaya is that the most generally used Sinhala Font that looks like FM bindhumathi in publishing trade in Sri Lanka. Most Newspapers and books use this because of the main font for the body text. This font was named exploitation the name “King Abhaya”, United Nations agency dominated from 474 BC to 454 BC

This font has been developed by Moniak with the support of Google and original FM Abhaya script Designer Pushpananda Ekanayake. It requires a fmabhaya keyboard that is available for free download.

In step with developers, within the Unicode adaptation method, the initial FM font was re-drawn for the net interface, and 5 bright 5 font has been created.

FM Abhaya Font Features

This font contains the quality of iskoola pota and the new and original Latin style is by Sol Matas and was created to match Abhaya Libre’s Sinhala. completely impressed by the design of the Sinhala.

The inherent variations in stroke distinction (the thick and skinny components of letterforms) were changed totally with the image logics of Latin typefaces.

The ductus inherits the Didone kind and is accompanies by some Sinhala and ababid forms sure enough terminals. The heights of the great and minuscule letters and their position on the baseline area unit all rigorously thought-about to best match the Sinhala.

Equal care was taken to style the widths of Latin characters to induce a pleasant balance between each writing system. the massive counters and generous x-height, with tiny ascenders and descenders, produce wonderful and extremely clear reading expertise on tiny screens.

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