Encoder Font Family

Hello, Today we are very happy to introduce to a brand new Display font named Encoder Font Family. This display font is ideal for logos and especially for ebook covers.

This isn’t always a stencil font. At least it isn’t intended to be. The foundation for the complete font comes from a progression in experimental regulations on stroke intersections.

Extra range changed into giving to the unicase “fats” face however nevertheless retains the general flavor of the authentic. The cease end result is a Brush that’s hard to categorize as someone personality.

Encoder Font Family

Most likely a good candidate for the typeface, show, or headline paintings, the applications for encoder are but undeciphered. Pinching, separating even as preserving proportions and factors from a greater conventional typeface.

Get this amazing display font now for 100% free and also don’t forget to comment your questions about the font.

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