Droid Arabic Kufi Font

Droid Arabic Kufi Font is the oldest calligraphic typeface like alhambra font of quite a lot of Arabic scripts and includes a modified type of the historic Nabataean script.

It was developed around the finish of the seventh century in Kufa, Iraq, from which it takes its identity, and different centers. An Arabic script that emphasizes straight, sans, square and angular strokes, and is most commonly used in Islamic architectural decoration.

Droid Arabic Kufi Font Features

The Qur’an was once first written in a simple, slanted, and uniform script but, when it’s content material used to be formalized, a script that denoted authority emerged. This coalesced into what is now referred to as a major Kufi script.

Kufi was once time-honored in manuscripts from the 7th to the tenth centuries. Citation wanted across the eighth century. It is a Webfont available for free download. Also used in WordPress designing.

It was the principal of several editions of Arabic scripts likeĀ mukadimah font with its austere and relatively low vertical profile and horizontal emphasis.

Until about the eleventh century, it used to be the primary script used to copy the Qur’an. Legitimate copyists employed a specified form of Kufic for reproducing the earliest surviving copies of the Qur’an.

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