Copperplate Gothic Font

Copperplate Gothic is a typeface designed through Frederic W. Goudy and launched with the aid of American Type Founders (ATF) in 1901. While termed a “Gothic”, the face has small glyphic serifs that act to emphasize the blunt terminus of vertical and horizontal strokes.

The typeface suggests an uncommon combination of effects; the glyphs are reminiscent of stone carving or lettering on copperplate engravings. The wide horizontal axis is traditional of Victorian display sorts. Yet the result is a ways cleanser and leaves a crisp effect in letterpress or offset printing.

Goudy designed Copperplate Gothic in capitals best because the design changed into meant to be used for headings and key phrases in preference to for frame text. It isn’t always at all characteristic of Goudy’s paintings, that is normally inside the vintage-fashion serif genre.

Copperplate Gothic Font

The font name reflects the recognition of this particular fashion of typeface throughout the time that copperplate engraving changed into a famous technique for reproducing illustrated material; from approximately 1530 up to the 19th century.

Although a real lowercase has in no way been designed, Copperplate Gothic is ideal for all-capital textual content commonly set in details.

Tiny serifs lend Copperplate Gothic a unique feel. The layout captures both the sturdiness of a sans serif, in addition to the beauty of typefaces with serifs. Get this amazing font in only one click. We hope you guys like this free font. Also, let us know the feedback of the font in the comments.

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