Coca Cola (Loki Cola) Font

Coca Cola (Loki Cola) Font is one of the most well-known brands in the world and its logo can be seen everywhere, from TV to the newspapers, and of course on the drink bottles.

It has changed over the years multiple times during the past century, but one thing that has almost always been the same is the typeface used in the logo. The typeface has a calligraphic form with swashes on the letter “C”.

This font family is inspired by this typeface. If you write the word “Coca-Cola” in white on a red background (as can be seen at the top of this page), it looks just like the original logo.

Coca Cola (Loki Cola) Font

The Loki Cola script font has swashes instead of the numbers. These swashes can come handy if you are trying to imitate the white ‘wave’ which is famous as ‘Dynamic Ribbon Device’ and is present in the Coca Cola logos after 1969.

There is another font circulating online with the name of “Coca Cola II” which is almost identical to this font, but includes Arabic numbers rather than swashes.

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