Britannic Bold Regular Font

Introducing to one of the most demanding Sans-serif typefaces. We are offering for the user of our website for free. Introducing Britannic Bold Regular Font! Britannic changed into at the start created at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Britannic is a sans serif face with a vertical axis and an excessive diploma of stroke comparison, especially in the heavier weights. This typeface exudes a diploma of beauty that has now not regularly been matched inside the century that has surpassed since it changed into first drawn.

Britannic Bold Regular Font

This interesting face constantly excites heated opinions. Some, like the author, have usually placed Britannic Bold firmly within the class called ‘Monumentally Overrated’. Others swear with the aid of it. In fact, a survey carried out at notable cost (amongst three people) determined that two out of three thought Britannic Bold changed into spectacular.

You are just a click away from downloading this font. grab and enjoy. State your opinion. And if you want Britannic Bold, strive it.

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