Bodoni Font Family

Bodoni Font Family is that the name given to the serif typefaces that are similar to vampiress font initial designed by Giambattista Bodoni. Bodoni’s typefaces are classified as di-done or trendy. Bodoni followed the concepts of John Baskerville.

As found within the printing sort Baskerville raised stroke distinction reflective developing printing technology and an additional vertical axis, but he took them to an additional extreme conclusion.

Bodoni Font Family Features

Bodoni had a protracted career and his styles modified and varied, ending with a face of a rather condensed underlying structure with flat. Unbracketed serifs, the extreme distinction between thick and skinny strokes, associated an overall geometric construction.

When initial Bodoni and alternative di-done fonts look like beepo typeface that was known as classical styles owing to their rational structure and can be used as pairing. However, these fonts weren’t updated versions of roman or renaissance letter designs, however new styles.

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