Bickham Script Font

Hey Designers! We have come up with a new font. This time it is a script font. As you know script fonts give a unique and attractive touch to designs. You can use them to attract the audience. Introducing Bickham Script Font!

Bickham is the trendy extension of the Bickham Script type own family, a connecting script designed through Richard Lipton and a part of the Adobe Originals kind application. The Bickham Script typeface is a certain-hearth manner to get the eye of the maximum prominent audiences.

What units this font aside isn’t simplest its formal design, however additionally its variety. Designer Richard Lipton blanketed variations of many characters that show themselves instep. Richard Lipton labored as a calligrapher inside the 1970s, developing a calligraphy business in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Bickham Script Font

The Bickham Script layout is extensively used for formal files, in particular as titles and signatures. Certificate, diplomas, and formal invites are also very common to make use of.

Many organizations pick out the Bickham Script layout as their official font for marketing functions. When the message needs to be one of luxurious and quality for outstanding clients, the Bickham Script typeface fills the price tag.

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