Benja Comic Book Font

Introducing Benja Comic Book Font. It is a typeface that is similar to letterman font created for comics to communicate, made with love and care comes in two styles regular and bold.

This is bold, geometric, clean and versatile font. Strong utilization of this font is anticipated within the meaning of excellence in the presentation of any design work.

Which together create a more dynamic glide within the communicate bubbles from the pencil traces, colors, speak layers of enjoyable and endearing comic series. That comes to a simple yet stylistic typeface that wants to inform the story you need to tell.

Benja Comic Book Font Features

Given that of this massive kind of glyphs in a single typeface. It’s less complicated to make use of for higher font matching and contrasting. In this way, many designers expect it and are making use of it for his or her progressing tasks.

Have a appear on the texture of this amazing font that looks like luxury diamond in images we affix here, you can absolutely agree in regards to the dedication & wrestle of the designer that put onto it.

Furthermore, the best use of the typeface is in kids stuff like bags and geometry boxes. So, feel free to start your journey along with that. Because we believe you will have a good experience with it in the future.

I trust this potent typeface will help you in making an exotic fine design. It helps to bring you a versatile and heavy legible design to your clients. I hope you will enjoy this great font. Thank you for choosing us.

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