Bahnschrift Font

Hello Designer! We are now introducing another free font family Bahnschrift Font Family. It was designed by Aaron Bell. You can use it in future projects as well as an ongoing project.

Bahnschrift is a company new digitization of the noted DIN 1451 personality design general and used to be released as a variable font for windows in 2017.

The design was primarily optimized for legibility, simplicity, and ease in replication like consolas font family. Through the years, din has emerged as a general typeface for a wide range of design applications.

Bahnschrift Font Family Features

Bahnschrift’s best function is its implementation of font variations along two axis—weight and width. With five pre-set ‘circumstances’ along the burden axis, and three ‘circumstances’ alongside the width axis,

Bahnschrift can accommodate a huge variety of patterns and purposes even in functions that don’t entirely support variable fonts.

For these purposes which do totally aid variable fonts, Bahnschrift becomes a virtual playground of weight and width like castellar font. Find the semibold is just too gentle? Making it somewhat darker.

Text rather too vast for the textual content block? Make it a little narrower. With Bahnschrift’s strong variant technology, which you could wholly customize the design to create exactly the kind you need

The weight axis of it is completely duplexed—that is to assert, the width of every letter is strictly the same whether or not in the light, bold, or any weight in-between!. And it is similar to dodge font.

It includes support for over 200 Latin languages (together with Vietnamese!), greek and Cyrillic (with localized forms for Macedonian, Serbian, and Bulgarian).

It’s hand-hinted (special code introduced to each and every character) to make sure that it will possibly render sharply, and evidently, throughout a vast range of windows devices and factor sizes.

Download this beautiful font and don’t forget to share this website with your designer friend and colleagues.


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