Ardagh Font

Introducing Ardagh Font. Today we bring we bring a brand new Fancy font for all our websites users. This amazing font is ideal for creating titles of the books and their cover.

Designed by using Hermann Zapf in 1948, Palatino changed into initially punch-cut in metal, however, became speedy tailored for use with the linotype machine.

The typeface’s style and style is due in the massive element to Zapf’s very own background in calligraphy; it’s named after Giambattista Palatino, a grasp of Italian calligrapher and contemporary of Leonardo DaVinci.

Ardagh Font

Even though it’s based totally on the humanistic serif designs of the Renaissance. Palatino layout is lots easier to study due to the fact its strokes are lighter and proportions are enormously large than the smaller renaissance letters.

We are offering this Script font for free. Only from our website, also let us know in the comments about the font.

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