Antique Olive Bold Font Family

The famous French type clothier Roger coffin designed the Antique Olive Font. In 1960 he first designed the Nord and Nord italic. Which flawlessly suits for advertising and marketing, signage and poster purposes. The bold weight was designed in 1963.

This Font has a completely large x-top and open letterforms. Consequently, it’s miles very readable and perfect for smaller factor sizes. Antique Olive Bold is a sans serif typeface with 11 patterns, available from Adobe Typekit for sync and web use.

Antique Olive Bold is a humanist sans-serif typeface. Similarly to a simple weight, antique olive became produced in medium, condensed, huge, ambitious, condensed formidable, greater bold and extremely ambitious. The key shapes, especially the letter o, resemble an olive, that’s one of the characteristics which make Excoffon’s typefaces specific.

Antique Olive Bold Font Family

This unique and characterful sans serif font Antique Olive demanding situations conventional layout patterns with its atypical letterforms. Because of this, it’s miles very famous among designers and has earned an everlasting place as a logo and headline font over the years.

Other than the extreme x-peak, the very skinny connections and the associated comparison in weight stand out. The distribution of weight in the line is in a few instances uncommon and placing. That is a very good deal obvious in the letter “o”, that’s thicker at the pinnacle than on the baseline. Alongside the shape, which tapers downwards, the character looks like it would stand on its head. The equal applies for the “s”.

While narrow styles of antique olive can certainly be utilized in frame textual content, the circle of relatives is designed as a headline font with an emphasis on the ambitious and extensive patterns. In the evaluation, the angular factors of the mild style are extraordinary again and lend the font a slightly modified individual. Do not be late to download this amazing font for your ongoing projects and do share it with your friends on social media.

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