Akkurat Font Family

A Visible dressmaker Laurenz Brunner, educated on the Rietveld academia in Amsterdam and at the crucial st. Martin’s University in London has advanced a new typeface.The sans-serif ‘akkurat’ refers to the lifestyle of swiss sans-serif typefaces and no matter all sobriety and solidity radiates an appealing optimism. Simple and unobtrusive at the start sight, it exhibits best on closer interest how a lot of research and element it includes. Laurenz Brunner designed the typeface ‘akkurat’ at some stage in his year in London in 2002/2003.

Akkurat is a gruesome sans-serif typeface designed by swiss dressmaker Laurenz Brunner and launched in 2004 through the lineto type foundry. It received a whole lot vital acclaim soon after its release. Whilst it has been popular within the print international for several years now, currently, it’s seenĀ on the web more and more.

Akkurat font family is to be had in 3 weights, every with matching italics.

  • mild
  • ordinary
  • bold

Akkurat Font Family

It is going properly with Tiempos headline, torrent, intercom headline, cutting-edge, constitution bt, Tiempos, gt spectra display and fuller sans dt. If you’re thinking about using akkurat then attempt 48px for headers. Deliver 23px a shot for content material.

The typeface embodies both his creativity in creating a distinct layout, as well as his restraint and capability to keep away from the eye-getting extravagances that could save you typefaces from seeing extensive use. You can use it as design, writing, portfolio, product, agency, sans-serif, book, social, images and easy.


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