Adobe Garamond Pro Regular Font

Adobe Garamond Pro Regular font was Designed by Robert Slimbach for Adobe Originals. This is a popular display font and has some amazing features. It is perfect as your blog primary font due to its passionate and clean appearance. A blog site using this font will have good readability.

This TrueType font has 807 glyphs numbers. It’s old sans serif font with amazing texture and design. You can use it for making a textured logo, or for printing on the clothes to make them look more appealing.

Adobe Garamond Pro Regular Font

You are a designer and looking for a font perfect for most of your projects yes you are on right place, Adobe Garamond is for you and you can download it for free from right here. The link below will continue download just after one click.

Adobe Garamond Pro Font

Download Garamond Pro now and make a comment below give us feedback about this font. Also, share this beautiful font with your friends. and help us in distributing this font.

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